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Custom Wood Paint Finishes

As your wood ages, its quality tends to degrade. This can be particularly evident on the surface as wood that was once polished to a fine shine becomes dull. Dirt gets ingrained into the material, making it look blotchy and messy.

That's why Vega's Drywall & Painting LLC offers custom wood paint finishes, to help your wood surfaces gleam like the day they were installed. A specialized form of repair, it focuses on applying a new layer of finish to wood. This gives it the healthy glow associated with new, professional looking wood, and will get rid of any dirt.

In some cases, you can get custom refinishing that will give wood the appearance of age while still keeping it clean. This can give new furniture a relatively antique look, which might be a good fit for your home.

You can learn more about our custom refinishing, wood flooring installation, demolition and more by contacting our drywall and painting company: Vega's Drywall & Painting LLC in Bethany, OK.